There’s a sea in my bedroom

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Today we read one of my all time favourite stories

David is frightened of the sea. He does not like it at all, not one bit.

But then one day he finds a conch shell at the beach and takes it home – and he hears the sea trapped inside. ‘Come out, sea, come out,’ he says softly. ‘I won’t hurt you.’

This beautifully illustrated story by award winning author Margaret Wild captures the magic of a child’s fantasy world.

We are learning how to write narrative stories

This term in Room 4, we are learning how to write narrative stories.

Please assist us and your child by reading narratives such as fairy-tales at home and discuss the following

What is the setting of the story (place)

Who are the characters?

What happened first?

What is the complication?

What is the resolution?

You can even ask your child to write their own narrative.

For further ideas please check out the following website