Starfall Reading

Another great site for reading.

Starfall is so easy to use, there are no complicated instructions. The website supports your child’s exploration. Every word when tapped or clicked will read aloud enabling your child’s speaking, reading, and writing vocabulary to grow alongside his or her curiosity. On occasion, sit down with your child and use the website together and encourage your child to share what he or she has learned. Although the website is organized sequentially, please allow your child to play freely and create a unique path.

Remember to turn off the computer or mobile device and read to your child. Have conversations about what you read. Ask your child questions about the stories and encourage him or her to ask questions in return. Invite your child to read to you. When he or she reads even just a few words, be very proud! Celebrate these small successes. It will motivate your child and open a world of knowledge.

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