Pip is 7 months old :)



5 thoughts on “Pip is 7 months old :)

  1. to ms con
    isabella and shantel went shopping together.
    on the holidays shantel and isabella are haveing a sleepover
    from shantel and isabella.

      • to ms con the sleepover was super cool and fun i just came home from marlee’s we had so much fun it was cool i loved it how is pip so happy for you and pip pip is geting older now i’m still 8 years old i got 40 easter eggs how meny easter eggs did pip get any eater eggs hope pip is verry happy hope you are happy to hope you got lot’s of easter eggs i’m geting biger and older miss you so so so much when can you come and visit us with pip i got 3 new books ther called the 13 story treehouse the 26 story treehouse and finely the 52 story treehouse
        from shantel

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