8 thoughts on “Lovely visit

  1. Hi miss Con remember when you came everybody was laughing because i askerdently put my shoes on and said i was seeing if it feet my foot so testing it. when it was bell i was coming donw the hill and i saw you i was shvering and i didnt want you to know that your the bests teacher and i miss you and i want you to be my teacher and Jayde Pearce keep on saying Ms Con but softly so i want you back xxoo Paige

  2. HI Loukia
    Just letting you know that Rhys is finishing up at Beveridge Primary this Friday 6 March and moving to Wallan Primary. He loved having you as a teacher last year and he misses you terribly. The new 1/2 Classroom set up is too chaotic and not the best learning environment for Rhys’ schooling, this being the main decision for his relocation.
    Take care and thank you
    Daina and Bruce

    • Hi Daina,
      Rhys is a beautiful boy and I am going to miss seeing him 😦 and you too.
      I wish him all the best at his new school and hope that he keeps in touch with me.
      Isaiah is going to want to see him again one day 🙂

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