33 thoughts on “Pip

  1. Awsome just they had no cpomputers so i couldn’t write to you i am sorry and i brought a tasmania tiger teddyand i sawq 3 girl. tasmaian devils real ones at a care thing .The tasmaniandevils are dieing because they are getting red dots on there faces so theyare taking care of them.

    • That sounds amazing Paige now I want to go! Thank you for all the information about the Tasmanian Devil. Did they say why they are getting the red dots. Take a photo of your teddy and show on Edmodo.

  2. The tasmanian deviles are getting the red stuff because it is a bug going aroud with animals that is why they are getting the red dots and how do i send it on edmodo?

  3. hello pip I am happing to be back at school . Samantha on the ship with my nana . we are dog sitting nanas dog for her ,her name is muffin she is a good dog . hope you and pip are doing well love Benjamin

    • Ohhhh Benjamin I miss you so much :))
      I bet you are missing Samantha. What are some places that she is going to visit? Pip loves it when I put the bracelet toys you bought him on 🙂
      Is Muffin being good for you?
      Please say hi to mum, dad, Christopher and Samantha when she gets back.
      Love from Ms Con

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