6 thoughts on “Maths focus for the week

  1. I lernt to subtract big numbers and tens and one in there right sport and subtraction BIG number and Dakota and me were a bit confust.Can you teach me how to do it agin?

  2. Hi miss con today I lernt how to to subcract youseing different ways Paige and I and rhys and Meagan we yoused place valu chart we had a lot of fun can we do it again?

  3. I want more explaning for that work I still don’t get it we need to work on differenc between subtract and addition for good good to be the best do you know who you are going to pick for the xo computer who did you pick?

  4. I secssesd my lerning how to solve subtracciton storys youseing different objects and things to complete my maths I had a great time and we all had fun thank you miss con very much for teaching everyone how to solve subcration storys have a great day everyone and miss con thank you

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