30 thoughts on “Writing stories at home :)

  1. Hi Miss Con, we are Melbourne Airport waiting for our plane. I got up at 4.15am to get ready to go. I miss everyone!! I am excited about going on holiday! See you on Monday!!

    Love from Guy

  2. Good morning to the Lower family 🙂
    Hi Guy! You got up really early. I am so excited for you. I wish I could come too 🙂
    Have a great time and if you get a chance let us know what you get upto.
    Have a safe flight 🙂

    • Hi Miss Con,
      Good morning from Sunny Queensland! Yesterday we went to wet n wild water park and went on some scary slides! The hotel is nice and we have a pool out side our door. Today we are going to another theme park – we haven’t decided if it is Sea World or Movieworld.

      From Harmony

  3. I saw a lizard it was fun at movie world!!!!!
    I got to go on a fun roller coaster it went upside down I got scared.

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