Homework – Words Their Way – How to sort

Homework due Fridays

Students have taken home a word sort to complete as homework this week. We are slowly introducing them to the program and as they complete their tasks at school, they will then bring them home to discuss and do with you.

Please make sure they are sounding out as they are sorting. Ask them to explain why they have sorted the words/pictures the way that they have.

Encourage them to find other words that look and sound the same around the house, in their readers etc.

(Please remember that is shouldn’t be difficult, it is an activity they have completed at school)


Words Their Way is a teacher-directed, student-centered approach to vocabulary growth and spelling development whereby students engage in a variety of sound, pattern and meaning activities, sorting pictures and words. It caters for differentiated learning in the classroom, rather than a one-size fits all solution.

13a word sort http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cJlxEITqZw



Pet Responsible Ownership Program

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Today a lady from the Pet Responsible Ownership Program visited us at school with her dog.


Students will comment on this post to share their experiences.

Please visit the following site for more information. 


dont dog20140324-182454.jpg





Primary School Program

Cartoon of someone scaring a dog.

Never intentionally frighten a dog.

The Primary School program is aimed at 5-12 year olds and has been delivered to over 1 million Victorian primary school children. It visits approximately 800 primary schools each year.

The Program includes a dog visit, multimedia tools, role play, song and story time.

Cartoon depiction of a happy dog.

Happy Dog.

The Program focuses on teaching students about dog safety:

  • when dogs should be left alone
  • things we should not do to dogs
  • how can you tell if a dog is happy, frightened or angry
  • a safe way to approach and greet a dog
  • what to do if approached by an unknown or aggressive dog.
Photo of a dog in the dog visit program.

Dog visits are an integral part of the program.

The Program also introduces and develops the following concepts:

  • choosing an appropriate pet general welfare and husbandry
  • the importance of identification and registration
  • confinement and housing, exercise and training.

There are a range of presentations designed to target the specific audiences in relation to grade level, prior knowledge and learning modes.


Narrative Writing – Fairy Tales

We will be learning how to write narratives. We will be reading and looking at different fairy tales to see how they are written.

Please read and share fairy tales at home and encourage your child to talk about the structure.

Beginning – Orientation- Setting, characters etc (who, when, where, what, why)
Middle – Complication
End – Resolution


Encourage your child to plan and write stories at home. We would love to hear their stories!


Fill a bucket

Thank you Miss Salem for lending us your book.

bucket filling

Through simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heartwarming book encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love. Bucket filling and dipping are effective metaphors for understanding the effects of our actions and words on the well being of others and ourselves.

bucket fill

bucket filler