Homework – Words Their Way – How to sort

Students have taken home a word sort to complete as homework this week. We are slowly introducing them to the program and as they complete their tasks at school, they will then bring them home to discuss and do with you.

Please make sure they are sounding out as they are sorting. Ask them to explain why they have sorted the words/pictures the way that they have.

Encourage them to find other words that look and sound the same around the house, in their readers etc.

(Please remember that is shouldn’t be difficult, it is an activity they have completed at school)


Words Their Way is a teacher-directed, student-centered approach to vocabulary growth and spelling development whereby students engage in a variety of sound, pattern and meaning activities, sorting pictures and words. It caters for differentiated learning in the classroom, rather than a one-size fits all solution.

13a word sort http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cJlxEITqZw



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