Maths – Collecting data

Today we learnt about collecting and presenting data. We were inspired by the way the preps presented data they collected in the form of a human graph.

We had a go at collecting data we colour within our class.



The graph shows that there are more people with blue eyes in our class and less with hazel.

We then went around and collected data from our friends about the pets they have at home. We represented our data in the form of a pictograph


Encourage your child to collect data at home whether it is the kind of meals they have daily, rewards they earn or activities they do and then present this with a pictograph.

Background reading

Ten ways in which we can improve the teaching of graphs in schools.

Use pictorial graphs with young children to illustrate everyday occurrences in the school environment.
Let all children have experience of collecting data.
Make the activities interesting and meaningful.
Formal operations should be a natural extension of data collection.
All graphs must grow from realistic data collecting activities.