Reading Sessions



We work very hard during reading sessions. Today we are doing an activity based on our guided reading text.

Guided reading is a strategy that helps students become good readers. The teacher provides support for small groups of readers as they learn to use various reading strategies (context clues, letter and sound relationships, word structure, and so forth).

The steps for a guided reading lesson are:

Before reading: Set the purpose for reading, introduce vocabulary, make predictions, talk about the strategies good readers use.

During reading: Guide students as they read, provide wait time, give prompts or clues as needed by individual students, such as “Try that again. Does that make sense? Look at how the word begins.”

After reading: Strengthen comprehension skills and provide praise for strategies used by students during the reading.

We have a letterbox for letter writing!


In room 4 we have been busy writing letters to each other. We have been learning how to write letters and how to address envelopes.

Please encourage your child to write a letter at home to a friend at school and to post it in our letter box.

Teach Your Child How to Write a Letter
A handwritten letter is a treat to receive. It seems to convey that someone took the time to sit down and put their thoughts on paper- just for you!
Children love to get letters, too. Watch a young face light up when they’ve received a letter from Grandma! It is something very special and very personal.
Children can write letters as soon as they can write, even earlier if they dictate to Dad or Mum. Teaching your child to write a letter is handing them the power of the pen!