Learn your spelling words

Here is a program to help you learn your spelling words.







Nine Fun Ideas for Spelling Activities

  • Have the kids write their spelling words with letter stencils.  Stencils are cheap and fun!
  • Typing spelling lists on the computer is very motivating.  Or have them use the computer to write sentences for each spelling words.  It’s a great way to teach word processing skills.
  • Invest in a set of letter stampers and let the kids stamp out their spelling words.
  • Give the kids a sheet of cenitmeter grid paper and let them create a word search puzzle.  They can give the puzzle to a friend to solve.
  • Give the kids a Scrabble board.  Let them take the letters out of the bag, lay them on the table face-up, and try to fit all of their spelling words on the board.
  • Write the spelling words on index cards.  The kids can sort the words alphabetically.  Once they have the list sorted, have them write it down on a sheet of paper and submit it so you can check their work.
  • Have kids take turn giving practice spelling tests to each other.  This can be done on paper or with dry erase boards.  It sounds simple, but kids LOVE it.
  • Give each student a book or magazine.  Have them look through it to see how many spelling words they can find.  They can write down the word and the page number they found it on. 
  • Get a few sets of magnetic letters.  (You can find them cheap at garage sales.)  Give the kids a partner, a spelling list, and a timer.  The students can “compete” to see who can make the most words in five minutes using the letters in the bucket.