Reading – 100 Most used words

M100W  – Learning to Read – The Most Important Words


In English there are 100 frequently occuring words that make up, on average, half of all the words used in reading and writing.

The first 12 most frequently occuring words appear so often they make up on average, one quarter or one in every four words. The next 20 most commonly used words together with the first 12 words (32 words) make up, on average, one third of all words in reading and writing. The remaining 68 most frequently occuring words (100 words), make up the 100 most important words in learning to read, as they account for one half or one in every two words, on average, that we use in reading and writing.

Please ensure that your child is learning to read these words at home.

If you want suggestions for different ways to learn these words please come and see me.

Ms Con


Integrity is doing the right thing even if nobody is watching.

When your mum is outside and you take a moment to jump on all the beds in the house because you know she won’t catch you – that is not living with Integrity. When you pick up rubbish that blew out of your backpack onto the playground — that’s Integrity.

Is this child showing integrity?