25 thoughts on “Respect

  1. zeke was in the middle of the track I speed sketed to save him the demolition skater then after he was safe he said”THANK YOU!!!”

  2. Respect
    RESPECT is showing it to the environment.
    RESPECT is helping each other if you fall over and hurt yourself.
    RESPECT for example if Ms Con was hurt or upset I would help her.
    RESPECT is listening to others.
    RESPECT is looking after people for example new people.
    RESPECT is making sure your friends are OK.
    RESPECT is ment to be every where even outside of school.

  3. Reapect is a value in our school. I think the 3/4 class shows lots of reapect. Respect is nice to show, it make people fell safe and wecome. I fell safe and comfortable in this invorment becaus people show respect.

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