Proceduaral Writing – Action Verbs

Action Verbs: Active Anna -Online Activity

Procedures often contain verbs in the form of commands for example, find and call.

Another word for ‘commands’ is ‘instructions’ and procedural texts are often made up of instructions.

What are the features/characteristics of a Procedural Text?

Goal –what are you going to make, play or build?
Materials –what do you need to reach goal?
Method –The steps involved to complete goal (in order)
Evaluation –concluding statement to say you reached your goal

Let’s Look at an Example…

Banana Shake

Here’s a quick and easy recipe to make a smooth, creamy and delicious treat –a banana shake!

1 banana2 bowls
1 cup milk1 fork 1 spoon
1 scoop vanilla ice cream1 glass
1.First, pour the milk into 1 bowl.
2.Next, peel the banana and mash it with the fork in the other bowl.
3.Then, add the banana to the milk.
4.Add the ice cream.
5.Next, beat the mixture with spoon until it is smooth.
6.Finally, pour mixture into glass.
7.Clean up dishes.
Now you have a yummy, smooth banana shake to enjoy with your favourite meal or snack!

Assessment of procedural texts