14 thoughts on “Force Project

  1. mrscon i did do the balloon powerd car and it was a whole lot of fun thank you mrs con so so much and are we doing a different project.

  2. i thik the topic force wasn’t that good but i think you suld make the next topic for inqiry sould be somthing more fun because for me i don’t realy the olimpics but i may like it if you make more fun not like force and i think force was a little borin

  3. dear miss con,
    in force I lernt how force can make somthing move like, using a balloon powered car.
    thank you for teaching me about force.

  4. i learn’t that you can see force and force is nature and wind, volcano and more i know you can also use force in different things like a car it takes force by driving through wind.

  5. I learnt that useing force you can move objects without any gas or more i would like to do more things about force

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